Renovaro, Inc. Announces $10 million in Equity Committed

June 14, 2024

Renovaro, Inc. Announces $10 million in Equity Committed

“We appreciate confidence in the Company demonstrated by the investors,” said the Hon. Mark Dybul, MD, CEO.

Renovaro Inc. and Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Poised to Advance Cancer Immunotherapy

May 24, 2024

Renovaro Inc. and Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Poised to Advance Cancer Immunotherapy

This collaboration would bring together Renovaro’s proprietary cancer vaccine technology and the Cancer Center’s expertise in several ancillary immunomodulatory technologies, towards innovative advancements in cancer treatment.

Transforming Cancer Detection: RenovaroCube Introduces Flamingo, a novel AI model based on Fragmentomics

April 30, 2024

Transforming Cancer Detection: RenovaroCube Introduces Flamingo, a novel AI model based on Fragmentomics

Avram Miller Talks About Renovaro And Its Impact In Diagnosing Cancers and Infectious Diseases With AI

April 29, 2024

Avram Miller Talks About Renovaro And Its Impact In Diagnosing Cancers and Infectious Diseases With AI

The potential impact of AI on healthcare is vast and transformative. With the use of AI platforms for diagnosing diseases like cancer, we can expect improved accuracy, efficiency, and outcomes in patient care. Renovaro stands at the forefront of this innovative shift towards a more intelligent healthcare system powered by artificial intelligence.


What we do

Renovaro Cube is working to transform cancer detection through its advanced AI/Machine Learning platform that harnesses the power of multi-omics analysis and differential molecular capabilities. With access to vast amounts of big data, Renovaro Cube is at the forefront of leveraging data mining techniques, resulting in the development of over 2600 proprietary biomarker panels – and counting.


We are rapidly working to expand our platform for as many cancers as we possibly can, as well as other diseases. Utilizing differential molecular diagnosis and multi-omic analysis, our platform aims to enhance accuracy in the detection of multiple cancers, with a view to identifying them even before traditional methods may find them. Our state-of-the-art AI/ML platform supports precision oncology, offering significant capabilities in minimal residual disease and recurrence monitoring. Thus, supporting patients in readmission allows routine checks, via blood draw, to be carried out, assessed, and then acted upon.


Additionally, our unique library of over 2600 biomarker panels offers the flexibility to create custom panels for the pharmaceutical industry. The first steps will be to assist in clinical studies through effective patient stratification and accelerating drug discovery timelines by providing quicker results through in-silico approaches.

The Challenge

Many cancers are difficult to diagnose – which means they may be discovered at an advanced stage when it may be too late to effect a cure. And if the cancer is an aggressive one that spreads readily, this further reduces the chances of becoming cancer free.

Treatment of advanced cancer is more expensive, complex, and more disruptive for the patient. The burden on all healthcare systems is also challenged by more patients, with ever more complex conditions. They require many different types of care and our healthcare systems need new approaches to these challenges to ensure we are giving our patients, whoever and wherever they are, the best possible treatment and the best possible outcome.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could detect cancer at the earliest stage possible…

Patient Benefit

Faster diagnosis of cancer and other diseases would mean that the diagnosis could be made sooner after the onset of disease, making treatment simpler, quicker and less disruptive for the patient.

In established disease that has been treated and even considered cured, patients would benefit from follow-up surveillance that is sensitive and accurate.

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Supporting our doctors

A challenge with big healthcare organizations is prioritizing patients, ensuring they flow through the system with the right priority and in the right clinical pathway. This is a process that can be crucial for ensuring that patients are treated as quickly as possible whilst achieving the best outcome.

Our platform will be able to provide another level of detail on the patient, bringing this data into the oncology multidisciplinary team, where they will review each patient and look to put them on the right pathway of care.

This scheduling of patients can help to alleviate some of the burdens on our healthcare systems.

From strength to strength

Both Renovaro Cube and Bio are at the forefront of oncology innovation, revolutionizing the field of cancer treatment. Renovaro Bio is committed to a future where the toxic effects of chemotherapy are eliminated. They are focused on developing next-generation diagnostics and immunotherapy, specifically dendritic cell-based therapy, as an alternative to chemotherapy.

On the other hand, Renovaro Cube is dedicated to the early detection of cancer. Their aim is to diagnose cancer before it becomes symptomatic, increasing the chances of successful treatment. Additionally, Renovaro Cube strives to predict individual responses to different therapies, allowing for more personalized and effective treatment outcomes.

Moreover, Renovaro Cube focuses on gathering valuable data from clinical trials to enhance their algorithms and artificial intelligence capabilities. This data-driven approach aims to improve diagnostic accuracy, predict therapeutic responses, and even anticipate the possibility of cancer recurrence.

Ultimately, both Renovaro Cube and Bio offer a holistic approach to cancer treatment, benefiting not only patients but also clinicians and healthcare providers. It’s worth noting that the target market for their AI technology and cell gene therapy products is the same, encompassing everyone involved in the cancer treatment process.


Renovaro Cube brings together powerful technology and a multi-disciplinary team of molecular biologists, biomedical scientists, medical doctors, software engineers, data scientists and data miners, who are passionate about actively contributing to the success of each project.

Together, we are empowering biomedicine with big data science and realizing the promise of AI in oncology.

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