Rather than trying to solve small puzzle parts, we look at the whole gene spectrum in cancer


FinTech Approach

We accepted the challenge to participate in a competition organized for data science companies by ABN Amro and Erasmus MC. We were given data containing DNA profiles of people with lung and skin cancer.

The idea was that FinTech companies and their data science approach and technology might discover patterns associated with cancer that were overlooked by more classical methods in oncology. We were successful.

Using GEDi algorithms, we found new patterns which could lead to new discoveries. We won the award over 1800 participants amongst others Oracle, Microsoft etc. It was televised in the main media and TV news. This was the moment we realised that we had discovered something very special that is currently missing in the medical field and that our platform and algorithms had significant added value.

Changing the script

Due to the media coverage, we were approached by several investors. Amongst others a group led by a famous oncologist and his CEO Coen van Kalken realised our potential and invested around 5 million Euro’s which allowed us to further develop the platform now called Renovaro Cube. We have now been able to develop a multi-omic AI platform with differential molecular capabilities and a proprietary algorithm.

Rather than trying to solve small specific parts of the puzzle, we want to make breakthroughs across the whole cancer spectrum. Renovaro Cube allows us to offer actionable biomarkers to guide personalized treatment. With these techniques, we will be able to detect cancer earlier. Together with our multidisciplinary team and our academic partners, we are excited to change the script of cancer care.

Over nearly a decade of development, we have been able to create a platform housing unique data mining algorithms that are fast, adaptable and can be used to generate deeper insight from data. Renovaro Cube’s remarkably innovative technology has already validated earlier diagnosis of lung cancer in humans at a leading University Hospital (UZA), and has created the technology for 13 additional cancers. We improve early cancer detection to maximize health outcomes.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Award-Winning AI Technology

Renovaro Cube is a molecular data science company with a background in FinTech.

We developed an award-winning AI Technology that drastically accelerates the field of molecular research.

We bring together proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology, multi-omics data, and the expertise of a carefully selected multidisciplinary team to radically accelerate precision medicine and enable breakthrough changes in cancer care.

Renovaro Team

Renovaro Cube brings together powerful technology and a multi-disciplinary team of molecular biologists, biomedical scientists, medical doctors, software engineers, data scientists and data miners, who are passionate about actively contributing to the success of each project.

Together, we are empowering biomedicine with big data science and realising the promise of AI in oncology.